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About Anjeanette Porter
My Reptile Interests
I have been a very busy individual the last month or so. Moving is always a hard and busy time. My mom and I and my sister Nicole moved into our new home July 15, 2014. It's been great but hectic. I'm just really happy we are in our new house now. All the snakes are doing great and I've just this past weekend first of August had Mercury's second clutch hatch and right now today August 5, 2014 have another clutch hatching. Babies are always fun to have. I am however, done for the year and ready to have some rest time before next breeding starts. :) I have a few new females for next year and a couple of new males to breed them too. I'm going to be breeding my Ultramel male tessera to my Amelanistic female Candy and to my female ghost Charisma. I really am excited about that. I am growing my snake family and have added a few babies from the clutches I've hatched out this year along with three new members from another breeder. A pastel motley female, a amel stripe female, and a beautiful looking hypo motley mixed with rat snake I believe. :)
Other Interests
I love summer time. I love the warmer weather and Sunshine..Anything outdoors Swimming, fishing, hiking, camping. Love taking walks at the State parks and looking for all different types of creatures to photograph.
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My favorite movie of all time is Avatar.
We are now settling into our new home. :)
Anything else?
The job I thought I had didn't work out- because I didn't pass the licensing exam that I had to take to get the position. :( I was offered a position with them for something else, however, they took that offer away less than 3 hours after they gave the offer too me. I did get another full time position with this company just was on waiting for a bit longer than I planned to be. Start the job September 10, 2014. I'm excited to get back to working again.
Full Name: Anjeanette Porter
Location: Bloomington, IN  US
Gender: Female
Birthday: October 04, 1980
Member Since: Tuesday, May 05, 2009
Last Login: Friday, July 31, 2015
iHerp Level Beyond Hardcore (852,377 points)
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