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About Anjeanette Porter
My Reptile Interests
Right now I have 15 Corn Snakes of various ages and color morphs/patterns. 2 California Kings and 2 Pueblan Milk Snakes. 1. Diamond- Anery(het hypo) 2. Zoe - Normal (het anery, amel, hypo) 3. Rose- Normal (het anery, amel, hypo) 4. Bindi- Amel-(het anery, het hypo) 5. Kasper- Silver Queen Ghost (Anery, Hypo) het amel, motley 6. Mercury- Hypo (het Anery) 66% poss het. Amel 50% poss het. Motley 7. Ivan- Coral Snow ( Amel, Anery, Hypo ) 50% poss het. Motley 8. Shadow- Anery (het Hypo) 66% poss het. Amel 50% poss het. Motley 9. Charisma- Ghost ( Anery, Hypo ) 50% poss het. Motley, Amel 10. Zippy- Anery (het Hypo) 50% poss het. Motley, Amel 11. Candy- Amel (het Anery) 12. Jupiter- Snow Motley (Amel, Anery, Motley) 13. Amber -Amber stripe-(Caramel x hypo x stripe) het anery 14. Bell- Ultramel Tessera- 50% poss het. Lavender, Anery, Stripe 15. Maverick- Ultramel Tessera- 50% poss het. Lavender, Anery, Stripe California Kings 1. Apollo- Male California King- 1 1/2 yrs old. 2. Pandora-Female California King- 6mo old Pueblan Milk Snakes 1. Scarlet-female Apricot Pueblan Milk Snake- 7 mo 2. Tango- male- Normal Phase Pueblan Milk Snake- 7mo
Other Interests
I love summer time. I love the warmer weather and Sunshine..Anything outdoors Swimming, fishing, hiking, camping. Love taking walks at the State parks and looking for all different types of creatures to photograph.
- not entered yet -
Movies are becoming way to boring and repetitive for me to give any attention to any of them these days.... I haven't watched any for a awhile. There is one that I love which is Avatar! I think the scenery, colors and creatures in that movie are so awesome and beautiful! I have been watching all the seasons on Netflix of Highlander 1992-1997 with Duncan Mcleod. Oh, yes he is my kinda man- :) LOL only in my dreams.
Home Day Care provider- Tiny Babes Daycare and Pre- School.
Anything else?
My family and I - my mom and sister have been accepted for a Habitat Home this year! I'm so excited about this because we have been doing nothing but wasting money for rent for the past 15 years since we moved here to Bloomington,IN and I absolutely hate that! It's just way to expensive to make ends meet these days! So, we applied and were excepted for a home to be built for us in May 2013. I am close to having 100 hrs of sweat equity in so far out of 250hrs required for each adult. We have 5 mo before we will move in to our home but I am super happy about this opportunity!
Full Name: Anjeanette Porter
Location: Bloomington, IN  US
Gender: Female
Birthday: October 04, 1980
Member Since: Tuesday, May 05, 2009
Last Login: Saturday, April 19, 2014
iHerp Level Herpetological Phenom (471,741 points)
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