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5/11/2015 Best. Humans. Ever! [Public] 
4/1/2015 Jean Claude Savoie trial coming up [Public] 
2/26/2015 And that's why.... [Public] 
11/1/2014 Entries are in!! [Public] 
10/9/2014 7th Annual Pumpkin Carving Contest [Public] 
9/18/2014 Sick 'em, iHerp [Public] 
6/11/2014 Scarlet Kingsnake Mimicry [Public] 
6/11/2014 Animal Rights and Animal Owner Rights [Public] 
5/28/2014 Server Maintenance Update [Public] 
2/17/2014 iHerp Calendar 2014 is FINALLY here! [Public] 
1/6/2014 Jungle Jack Hanna hired as spokesperson for Nutramax Labs [Public] 
1/1/2014 Exotic Pets in 2014 [Public] 
12/29/2013 TRR and [whatever] of the year [Public] 
12/12/2013 My anaconda don't want none.. [Public] 
12/3/2013 Pythons and Evolution [Public] 
12/2/2013 How did the cobra get its bite? [Public] 
11/18/2013 Why do snakes flick their tongues? [Public] 
11/15/2013 Feed your snakes every 30 days for three or four days. Cry. [Public] 
11/13/2013 Garter Snakes Are Just Like Us [Public] 
11/7/2013 Rico Auctions! How, what, where, when, why [Public] 
11/6/2013 Contests, Updates, Rico and general stuff [Public] 
10/27/2013 2014 Calendar Contest: the finalists [Public] 
10/14/2013 Tinley! [Public] 
10/1/2013 iHerp Calendar Contest 2014, Thanks for the Submissions! [Public] 
9/14/2013 Suitability of Day Old Chicks for Captive Snakes [Public] 
9/8/2013 Site Upgrade and broken stuff! [Public] 
9/7/2013 iHerp Calendar Contest 2014!!! [Public] 
9/6/2013 Site Upgrade [Public] 
8/31/2013 It's International Bacon Day! [Public] 
8/6/2013 Reptile Ocean, and how we as a community should be reacting [Public] 
7/14/2013 The Royal Offspring of Lord Inkerton Fizzlebottom and Lady Caprica Six! [Public] 
6/19/2013 OT: Baconnoli [Public] 
6/6/2013 Junebug: The Rico Auctions! [Public] 
5/18/2013 Lord Inkerton Fizzlebottom and Lady Caprica Six Proudly Announce... [Public] 
5/16/2013 CarpetFest Auctions for Rico! [Public] 
5/13/2013 Patrick Willis from the 49'ers kills harmless snake; Posts "trophy" on Facebook [Public] 
5/12/2013 To all the moms out there.. [Public] 
4/7/2013 Happy Birthday iHerp!!!! [Public] 
3/11/2013 Tinley Roll Call! [Public] 
3/10/2013 Site Maintenance / Performance [Public] 
3/2/2013 Urban Jungles Radio: "Oxford Scientific Films" Documentary [Public] 
2/19/2013 Rico Benefit Auctions [Public] 
2/15/2013 iHerp, PLEASE read this and help out (aka Rico Walder fund) [Public] 
2/15/2013 iHerp Server Maintenance [Public] 
2/11/2013 Welcome 100,000!!!!!! [Public] 
1/31/2013 There's a new Pope in town! [Public] 
1/30/2013 Countdown to 100,000!!! [Public] 
1/21/2013 USARK hires new president! [Public] 
12/25/2012 Merry Christmas, iHerp! [Public] 
12/20/2012 Ohio's new "Dangerous" Wild Animals law - Judge denies temporary injunction. [Public] 
12/2/2012 Droid users / textbox [Public] 
11/25/2012 calendar [Public] 
11/25/2012 iHerp 2013 Calendar! [Public] 
11/23/2012 Premature Compilation [Public] 
11/18/2012 Just Testing.... [Public] 
11/14/2012 Hotmail people please note: No email for you [Public] 
11/11/2012 RETIC bite.. my mistake! [Public] 
11/11/2012 Happy Veterans Day [Public] 
11/3/2012 Mammal Trek! [Public] 
11/1/2012 The Marriage of Lord Inkerton Fizzlebottom and Lady Caprica Six [Public] 
10/30/2012 Send some love to Leah Gray! [Public] 
10/29/2012 Voting is OPEN! [Public] 
10/18/2012 Boom Ka-Pow II: Tinley Unleashed [Public] 
10/7/2012 Fifth Annual Pumpkin Carving Contest!!! [Public] 
10/6/2012 NARBC Roll Call!!! [Public] 
10/4/2012 shhhhhhhhhhh [Public] 
9/29/2012 Weekend Maintenance, Bugs, Fixes... go here first! [Public] 
9/29/2012 Weekend Maintenance [Public] 
9/23/2012 Black Headed Canary offspring for sale [Public] 
8/26/2012 iHerp's Royal Wedding Royale! [Public] 
8/21/2012 News Flash! Awesome iHerper buys Awesome Snake... film at 11 [Public] 
8/16/2012 iHerp Answers HOW TO's [Public] 
8/10/2012 Tank Tops arriving NOW, and get one before they're all gone! [Public] 
8/1/2012 The Tanks are here!!! [Public] 
7/21/2012 Calico for Sale! [Public] 
7/17/2012 Fire Sale (DUW) [Public] 
7/14/2012 Site Performance [Public] 
7/12/2012 Why is everyone so short today? aka / humor me thread [Public] 
7/4/2012 Girlie Tank Preorder! [Public] 
7/3/2012 07042012 [Public] 
6/25/2012 Boelen's Python Laying Eggs!!! [Public] 
6/17/2012 Happy Fathers' Day!!! [Public] 
6/16/2012 Hoodies :) [Public] 
6/2/2012 The lost box of hoodies... [Public] 
5/31/2012 iHerp Pays It Back: The Shannon Hammer Initiative! WE HIT THE GOAL!!!! [Public] 
5/28/2012 Happy Memorial Day [Public] 
5/25/2012 Selling a bunch of my Chondros! Updated* [Public] 
5/16/2012 OHIOANS: Read this now... Ohio bill passes, on to final step, and it is NOT good [Public] 
5/14/2012 Happy Snake Awareness Day! [Public] 
5/11/2012 Ohioans Call To Action: TODAY [Public] 
4/25/2012 Ohio SB310 Passes House 30-1 ..... :( What happens now? [Public] 
4/23/2012 Okay, NOW it's official: Our Herp+Human Contest Winner!!! [Public] 
4/18/2012 Update: Last day!!! Cast Your Vote in the Herp+Human Photo Contest! [Public] 
4/11/2012 PA: you're up, and your state is in a world of trouble... [Public] 
4/7/2012 Happy Birthday iHerp!!! [Public] 
4/4/2012 Herp + Human Photo Contest! [Public] 
4/3/2012 iHerp, please read this :) [Public] 
3/27/2012 Blow off steam thread! [Public] 
3/26/2012 Ohio Exotics Bill 101 [Public] 
3/23/2012 Ohio Exotics Bill, we can make a HUGE difference right now with a call! [Public] 
3/20/2012 OHIO : Request to individuals / businesses for financial impact : Urgent!!! [Public] 
3/16/2012 iHerp Tinley Auction for USARK! [Public] 
3/13/2012 iHerp Tinley Roll Call!!!! [Public] 
3/12/2012 Rattlesnake Roundup decapitation video [Public] 
3/12/2012 Era Daven's Favorite Book Thread [Public] 
3/7/2012 Oops! I did it again! [Public] 
2/14/2012 Send Danny of UJR to Sweetwater Roundup! The last of the iHerp Hoodies Auction! [Public] 
2/9/2012 Well, hello there, 75,000! [Public] 
2/4/2012 Another Craigslist Winner [Public] 
1/30/2012 Disconnect in the Reptile Community [Public] 
1/18/2012 the iHerp fun thread! [Public] 
1/17/2012 The Slippery Slope ... US Adds 4 species to the Lacey Act [Public] 
1/12/2012 Indiana next in line for Herp Ban.. How you can help [Public] 
1/11/2012 Absolutely Unacceptable [Public] 
12/25/2011 Merry Christmas! [Public] 
12/16/2011 OT: I. DECLARE. BANKRUPTCY!! [Public] 
12/13/2011 Psst. Hey kid. Want a hoodie? [Public] 
12/9/2011 Nailed it! [Public] 
12/8/2011 Rough Handling...? [Public] 
12/6/2011 An Open Letter to Governor John Kasich [Public] 
12/6/2011 Hoodies are here! [Public] 
12/5/2011 Ladies and Gentlemen... Your Top 12 on iHerp Idol! [Public] 
11/30/2011 Final Recommendation to Ohio regarding Exotic Animal Regulation [Public] 
11/29/2011 Update on HB352 and call to action! [Public] 
11/24/2011 2012 Calendar Voting is OPEN! [Public] 
11/10/2011 Anyone Going to the Midwest Reptile Show this weekend? [Public] 
11/8/2011 Halloween Contest ... And the winner is............ [Public] 
11/2/2011 Calendar 2012.. Now Accepting Entries! [Public] 
10/25/2011 Update: Final bonus day to order your Hoodie! [Public] 
10/25/2011 OT: Slow roasted pumpkin bacon grease butter glue seeds [Public] 
10/17/2011 Pumpkin Carving Contest VOTING ENDS TONIGHT!!! [Public] 
10/17/2011 Site News, hoodies, contests, charity, help wanted, and more (oh my!) [Public] 
10/9/2011 The Tinley thread [Public] 
10/3/2011 Ladies and Gentlemen... Start your pumpkins! [Public] 
10/3/2011 Tinley Roll Call!! [Public] 
9/26/2011 Pro Exotics Fire [Public] 
9/19/2011 Congratulations Animal #65,536!!!!! [Public] 
9/18/2011 Help with Morph and Normal semantics [Public] 
9/18/2011 For all your repetile needs.... [Public] 
9/16/2011 Hoodie Update [Public] 
9/10/2011 Remembering 9/11 [Public] 
9/10/2011 Official iHerp Hoodie ORDERS!! [Public] 
9/9/2011 Hoodie Thoughts [Public] 
9/8/2011 OT: Tosh.0 Caption Contest help! [Public] 
9/4/2011 Calendar Entries : 2012 Calendar! [Public] 
9/1/2011 Tinley 2011 [Public] 
8/31/2011 More like.. Justin BOAber!!!! [Public] 
8/24/2011 The sentence for Jaren Hare and Charles Darnell..... [Public] 
8/17/2011 Komodos Hatching [Public] 
8/15/2011 Daytona Roll Call / Table / iHerp Cards [Public] 
8/15/2011 iHerp Art Contest Winner! [Public] 
8/13/2011 iHerp Morph Gallery Photos [Public] 
8/12/2011 Keeper and Breeder Burnout [Public] 
8/10/2011 iHerp <3 Sonja.. and Sonja will <3 chondros!!! [Public] 
8/2/2011 A Pilgrimage, A Party, and Pretty Cool Treat (aka, Chondrofest 2011) [Public] 
7/26/2011 Way to rock it, iHerp [Public] 
7/22/2011 UJR Tonight @ 10pm EDT [Public] 
7/20/2011 Art Contest: Voting is OPEN! [Public] 
7/12/2011 Python Trial: Guilty [Public] 
7/10/2011 Shut up baby, I know it: Part II [Public] 
6/30/2011 iHerp's First Annual Art Contest! Woohoo! [Public] 
6/22/2011 Herp Art Contest! [Public] 
6/17/2011 Know your multiplication tables [Public] 
6/7/2011 Auctions End Today!!!! [Public] 
6/5/2011 A quick little shoot :) DUW [Public] 
6/1/2011 And the winner is... [Public] 
5/30/2011 Happy Memorial Day [Public] 
5/23/2011 iHerp Morphs goes live, a request, upcoming auctions, and an apology [Public] 
5/15/2011 Maintenance Window: 5/16/2011 starting at 12:00AM [Public] 
5/15/2011 Sunday, Laundry Sunday [Public] 
5/9/2011 A Sneak Peek At iHerp Morphs! [Public] 
5/5/2011 See all the May Flowers Entries and VOTE! LAST DAY TO VOTE [Public] 
5/4/2011 Smart AND talented? Shut up baby I know it. [Public] 
5/1/2011 Auction Ends Today!!!! [Public] 
4/25/2011 Signal Herp Auction Ends TODAY!!!! [Public] 
4/19/2011 Code, Auctions, and You [Public] 
4/17/2011 Signal Herp High White ETB Auction! [Public] 
4/7/2011 Happy Birthday iHerp!!! [Public] 
3/29/2011 Calendar Coupon Codes [Public] 
3/19/2011 Do NOT! miss out on this calendar! [Public] 
3/7/2011 Interesting.... [Public] 
2/16/2011 To anyone using [emailaddy] ... [Public] 
2/13/2011 Now Stop Bothering Me Nate!!! [Public] 
2/9/2011 Your favorite herp [Public] 
2/3/2011 Origin of pythons in the everglades solved... [Public] 
2/2/2011 Calendar Update [Public] 
2/1/2011 *sigh* this isn't helping. [Public] 
2/1/2011 They just can't seem to get it right... [Public] 
1/21/2011 It's Friday after 5.... let the 50,000 Party Begin!!! [Public] 
1/20/2011 Just Curious [Public] 
1/10/2011 Maintenance Window between 10:30 and 11pm [Public] 
1/10/2011 Registration Problems UPDATED AGAIN [Public] 
1/9/2011 Again, Calendar, Need Your Help! [Public] 
1/9/2011 Calendar Update and Immediate Vote [Public] 
1/7/2011 iHerp Points [Public] 
12/31/2010 Herp Wishes for 2011! [Public] 
12/31/2010 Chondro Wallpaper [Public] 
12/30/2010 Track with iHerp! [Public] 
12/23/2010 50,000 Party! Last chance to enter [Public] 
12/21/2010 Green Mamba bite [Public] 
12/18/2010 We're on the new server! [Public] 
12/16/2010 HerpNation Magazine.... anyone got it? [Public] 
12/13/2010 Moving iHerp this week [Public] 
12/12/2010 Amphibians added to Lacey Act [Public] 
12/7/2010 Tune into Urban Jungles Radio this Friday! [Public] 
12/2/2010 Site Performance [Public] 
11/30/2010 The 2011 Calendar Results! [Public] 
11/25/2010 Server Issues / Upgrade [Public] 
11/25/2010 Zombies like Turtles. [Public] 
11/25/2010 What are you thankful for? [Public] 
11/21/2010 Voting is OPEN!!! [Public] 
11/15/2010 2010 Calendar Contest! [Public] 
11/11/2010 Happy Veterans Day [Public] 
11/9/2010 Third Annual Pumpkin Contest Winner! [Public] 
11/5/2010 Outstanding T-Shirt [Public] 
11/5/2010 2011 Calendar Entries: Please read if you've entered or plan on it [Public] 
11/3/2010 Change in Blog Notifications [Public] 
10/25/2010 NARBC Houston... anyone? [Public] 
10/14/2010 Fire Up Your Pumpkins!!!! [Public] 
10/11/2010 Iherp tinley sticky (now with rich photo goodness) [Public] 
10/5/2010 New Rich Text Editor [Public] 
10/4/2010 Chondros with a higher IQ [Public] 
10/3/2010 iHerp Tinley Get-Together [Public] 
9/30/2010 Final Tinley Roll Call! [Public] 
9/30/2010 Wanted: Human Banner Ads @Tinley! [Public] 
9/18/2010 Cleveland Show Anyone? [Public] 
9/13/2010 iHerp Contest: 2011 Calendar [Public] 
9/6/2010 NARBC Anaheim Show [Public] 
9/5/2010 Revamping Locale / Morph [Public] 
9/4/2010 Bacon Day! [Public] 
9/1/2010 Snake ID? [Public] 
9/1/2010 Hypothetically Speaking... [Public] 
8/24/2010 Daytona 2010 Pictures (LOTS and LARGE) [Public] 
8/23/2010 Daytona! What did you get? How'd it go? [Public] 
8/12/2010 Field Herp Photo Winners! [Public] 
8/12/2010 iHerp @ Daytona! UPDATED: Need Head Count NOW! [Public] 
8/12/2010 Feeding Foto Fun (or Pheeding Photo Phun) [Public] 
7/24/2010 Get Your Field Herp On! [Public] 
7/16/2010 Freezer Fun, Cleveland Show, Weekend Plans, and General Mayhem [Public] 
7/15/2010 Welcome 40,000! [Public] 
7/8/2010 iHerp Street Team! [Public] 
6/29/2010 So, just something stupid... [Public] 
6/27/2010 Photo Contest + iHerp Answers Major Update! [Public] 
6/26/2010 Semi-OT: Indy Trip [Public] 
6/6/2010 New iHerp Contest!! New Submission Date: July 5th [Public] 
5/26/2010 iHerp Cards: Backside [Public] 
5/25/2010 iHerp Cards 2010 [Public] 
5/25/2010 Answers Back!! [Public] 
5/13/2010 Speedy [Public] 
5/8/2010 Important! Please read :) [Public] 
5/6/2010 A new level of success, support tickets, and upcoming enhancements [Public] 
4/7/2010 Happy Birthday iHerp!!!! [Public] 
4/6/2010 Baby Cresties!!! [Public] 
4/4/2010 Happy Easter! [Public] 
4/1/2010 New Version Up [Public] 
3/21/2010 iHerp Maintenance Window and Zombie Herps [Public] 
3/19/2010 iHerp Update [Public] 
3/2/2010 OT: You know you want it. [Public] 
2/17/2010 iHerp Wallpaper [Public] 
2/11/2010 Tinley Roll Call [Public] 
2/8/2010 Burmese Python Kills Family of 12. [Public] 
1/18/2010 iHerp Mobile [Public] 
1/8/2010 Cold Iguanas [Public] 
1/6/2010 Boing [Public] 
1/1/2010 2010 goals [Public] 
12/25/2009 Nifty Gifties! They're nifty! [Public] 
12/20/2009 Announcing!!!!! [Public] 
12/10/2009 And just like that, S373 is recommended to the Senate [Public] 
12/9/2009 S373 : Say Goodbye To Your Boas... and a whole lot more [Public] 
12/8/2009 New Project: Corndros [Public] 
12/1/2009 Viva 2008-2009 [Public] 
11/23/2009 Happy Birthday Kim Heller! [Public] 
11/21/2009 iHerp Grab Bag Auction! [Public] 
11/20/2009 Yay Friday! [Public] 
11/1/2009 Congratulations to our Pumpkin Contest Winner! [Public] 
10/28/2009 Pumpkin Entries Updated [Public] 
10/25/2009 Any Last Minute Pumpkins? (Updated) [Public] 
10/22/2009 Rookie mistake [Public] 
10/20/2009 Last weekend to Carve Pumpkins! [Public] 
10/7/2009 Tinley Final Roll Call [Public] 
10/2/2009 iHerp's 2nd Annual Pumpkin Carving Contest!!! [Public] 
9/29/2009 Tinley Show and ... yes... shirts! [Public] 
9/23/2009 iHerp Updates! [Public] 
9/19/2009 Cloudy with a chance of Off Topic [Public] 
9/11/2009 OT: Remembering 9/11 [Public] 
9/10/2009 iHerp Mail and a few updates... [Public] 
9/5/2009 Happy International Bacon Day! [Public] 
8/28/2009 Another "Hana Get Well!" Blog [Public] 
8/21/2009 iHerp Dinner [Public] 
8/12/2009 353 new species? [Public] 
8/10/2009 Daytona Roll Call [Public] 
7/25/2009 I raise some really stupid chondros [Public] 
6/25/2009 Hana, a knife, a fork, a bottle and a cork [Public] 
6/21/2009 My Juvies... updated [Public] 
6/16/2009 Congratulations 20,000!!!!!! [Public] 
6/3/2009 Murdering mammals, embracing creepy scary gross things, and solving the boa nightmare [Public] 
6/3/2009 Hana's Pip Cam back up! [Public] 
6/1/2009 iHerp Species Requests [Public] 
5/28/2009 OT: Simple Minds Marathon [Public] 
5/26/2009 Species Requests, and a little help.. [Public] 
5/22/2009 Feeding time at the zoo [Public] 
5/20/2009 iHerp Mail Outage [Public] 
5/19/2009 iHerp ClassifiedsPLUS! [Public] 
5/13/2009 TerreriFUN! (DUW) PART 2 [Public] 
5/13/2009 TerreriFUN! (DUW) PART 1 [Public] 
4/28/2009 Photo Contest Ideas [Public] 
4/23/2009 HR 669 Archived Video and Discussion [Public] 
4/21/2009 HR 669 Webcast 10am EST Thursday.. tune in for the fun! [Public] 
4/15/2009 Strange request and a wallpaper... [Public] 
4/10/2009 Photo Request [Public] 
4/3/2009 Some wallpapers [Public] 
4/2/2009 Oscar Wallpaper [Public] 
3/20/2009 OT: A frakin' good time! [Public] 
3/13/2009 Photo Contests and such... [Public] 
2/27/2009 Today @ iHerp!!! [Public] 
2/27/2009 Batch Cleaning [Public] 
2/12/2009 Chick Down on its way [Public] 
2/12/2009 Scamera [Public] 
2/4/2009 Email Change [Public] 
2/3/2009 Chick Down Final Call [Public] 
2/1/2009 HR 669 ... More anti-animal (including herps) legislation [Public] 
1/12/2009 Species added and Hi. How Are Ya. [Public] 
1/5/2009 Are we done? (was: iHerp Moving) [Public] 
12/28/2008 Deluxe Apartment in the Sky! [Public] 
12/25/2008 Merry Christmas iHerp! [Public] 
12/10/2008 Holiday Gift Ideas for the Reptile Enthusiast [Public] 
12/2/2008 Chondro Wallpapers [Public] 
11/28/2008 Black Friday!!! [Public] 
11/25/2008 You have GOT to be kidding me... [Public] 
11/11/2008 Do a little dance... [Public] 
11/7/2008 Updated/Added Species.. [Public] 
10/26/2008 Congratulations #10,000!!!! [Public] 
10/25/2008 Countdown to 10,000!!!! [Public] 
10/15/2008 Pumpkins, Tinley, and something a little special [Public] 
10/7/2008 OT: Have you heard? [Public] 
9/30/2008 Chondro Advancements, Part II [Public] 
9/21/2008 Chondro advancements [Public] 
8/31/2008 Caught up... I think? [Public] 
8/25/2008 Stuck in Daytona [Public] 
8/7/2008 An update on The Lone Survivor... [Public] 
7/28/2008 New Version is Up! [Public] 
7/26/2008 The end of an era [Public] 
7/24/2008 iHerp Updates: Animal Transfers [Public] 
7/20/2008 Take That, Dashboard! [Public] 
6/29/2008 iHerp Updates [Public] 
6/14/2008 Maternal Cam down for a bit... [Public] 
5/23/2008 Homepage Macro Images Contest! [Public] 
5/23/2008 Breeding Projects *update* [Public] 
5/16/2008 On Deck... [Public] 
5/11/2008 So I think I"m going to start using the blog... [Public] 
5/8/2008 Breeding Projects and other Updates [Public] 
4/23/2008 iHerp Updates [Public] 
4/19/2008 Wow, what a week! [Public] 
4/9/2008 iHerp bugfix and feature list [Public] 
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